19 July 2010


Where: the Bar Italia upstairs ladies' washroom, the top left corner of the mirror over the sink.
When: at the most recent Descant launch.
What: Besides a sticker with the panel of a comic on it, beats me. A graphic novel version of The Fly, maybe?
Who: Given that Bar Italia has espresso cups with comics on them, it might have been the restaurant's idea. Or not.
Why: I don't normally take photos in washrooms (although that does sound like a coffee table book waiting to happen), but this caught my fancy. You don't see a lot of comic book art in ladies' washrooms, more's the pity.

1 comment:

  1. I snap pics in public toilets all the time! There's some odd graffiti and odd setups in some, some are really cool on purpose. Get working on that coffee table book!


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